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Workshop: Outlining and Premise
Workshop: Outlining and Premise for my Novel which is Nameless at the moment!
Your First Task
Plot premises are very important, not just so you can relate the story concept to your reader, but also, so you know what each path each character is going to take in their journey. You'll start off by making a list of your characters (protagonist, antagonist and supporting characters) and then create a plot premise for each character. Once you've done that, it should be easy to create the plot premise for your novel. (I can only hope so right? XD)

Plot Premises
Sheridan: Is a sixteen year old slave who lives in a city called Tarsem. (Beginning) One day she is discovered stealing and is sold as part of an compensation contract between her master and a man of higher status from the capital city. (Inciting Incident) In reaction, Sheridan attempts escape deciding that she will have her free
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Workshop Prepwork Timeline
Alright, haha, so I also did this in the original post for JosephBlakeParker and of course I did it as ReishaTerrin and you can find it here. Not much has changed… well, no, that's not true things are always changing because this is part of my world building stage. I didn’t post the timeline before because of the format and there’s a bit much and it can get confusing. It’s still confusing, but a little more organized. This is a work-in-progress…
So to begin, the timeline in my story centers around a fictitious world—I’d like to have as High-fantasy, but I’m not opposed to the idea of having some science fiction elements to it if i can make it work— So really my time-line begins with a dying world. In this dying world, Humanity is nearly gone, the world/planet has suffered greatly of e
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Greeenbat Workshop Exercise 1.2
My Intorduction: 

My name I suppose is the first place any intorduction begins...

So hello. My name is Mystie Merys, though I go by ReishaTerrin and SheridanLightrose <--- though this name I plan to change in the near future. Why do I want to be a writer? I love to write and express myself. A while back JoesphBlakeParker had an excercise that had a similar question so it's been awhile but you can find it here ACWAN 1.1, I can't say to much has changed about why I want to write. I still want to be a writer who brings intense emotion to my readers. I want to pull them into a fictional world of wonder and adventure and I want to introduce them to characters that they can look up to, or learn from and even relate to on some level. I want
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The Protagonist by SheridanLightrose The Protagonist :iconsheridanlightrose:SheridanLightrose 2 0
Lifespan: Immortal
Location: Overworld/Toruune/Underworld

Information Currently Gathered: Valkyries are female warriors of war and battle and are commonly known as the choosers of the slain or the bringers of death. They are always in the form of  young and beautiful females and only ever appear on the battle field when deaths “ Eternal breath” summons them. They may only take part in life threatening situations  as they are able to see the time death will and must finally fall upon a being during battle and when they here that whisper they may choose to sly the dying being or allow them to fight life. Then the being is slain as a hero or courageous warrior, they are the ones who take those deserving warriors and their souls to a peaceful eternal rest.
Abilities: Super human strength and speed. They have the ability to fly. Sense deaths eternal/final breath see the souls of those dying so that they may choose
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Logo by SheridanLightrose Logo :iconsheridanlightrose:SheridanLightrose 0 0
Karkadann's Chaos
Eastern Desert- Karkadann.
53 miles from the border of Coritrya.
Lord of the deserts Domain
February 16, year X516
The sun hung high overhead, bearing down with the sweltering heat of the mid-summer afternoon, worsened by the humid air that dragged past like a wet, cloying blanket. It was a vicious cycle that ceaselessly struck the terrain and the voyagers that marched below.
They broke camp and set fourth at daybreak, fifty in all, and General Jonathan Reynes leading them. It was an exceedingly slow day for the General. He had known that it would be. While his soldiers were fast and had incredible endurance, those traveling among them were civilians; men, women and children, many of who had never traveled longer then a day. And having had spent three passing through Karkadann, it proved to be far too long a ride, even if it had been peaceful with few incidents along the way.
They were venturing toward Coritrya; a small prospering village just on the other side of the bar
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The Scholar Nelius by SheridanLightrose The Scholar Nelius :iconsheridanlightrose:SheridanLightrose 0 0
Lifespan: Immortal and Mortal: (Mortal Lifespan varies longer then normal humans)  
Location: Toruune/Underworld/Overworld

Information Currently Gathered: Summoners are beings who have the ability of drawing forth spirits, creature’s, objects/items or any other organism by the means of Teleportation, Realm/Dimensional Travel, Portal Creation, Card Dimension or some other way. Many summoners have have contracts with the summon, which creates a connection between the summon and summoner. The moment a contract or a pact with the creature is completed with an incantation, they’re spirit is sent to an Ethereal realm, provided by the Ethereal Goddess Fiora; it is only through a Summoners summoning gate that a summoned creature or spirit must past if they wish to retake solid form.
Summoners range from all species, the common most being humans and demons.
Abilities: There are many aspects where a Summoners abilitie
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Lifespan: Immortal
Location: Underworld/Toruune

Information Currently Gathered: Demons are common creatures and more known about then Angels with in Toruune. The Species of the demons are widely spread and have spread out to the extent of Half-breed and Quarter-breeds. Originally Demons were a supernatural creatures, fearsome because of their inhuman strength and abilities. They were beings that inhabited different dimensions or planes of existence. Many were born out of spite, vile and evil, with nothing but dark and cruel intentions for they had no humanity. However, the existence of Full Bred demons have diminished more and more through the years and demons, have come to see a different path of their existence. There are two ideals of demons within Toruune; Those without humanity, who are cruel, twisted and primarily use humans as a food source, and those with humanity, who have come to realize life with humans can be peaceful and found common ground to
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Lifespan: Immortal
Location: Underworld/Toruune

Information Currently Gathered: The Succubus is a female demon who usually takes the form of an attractive human woman when she resides in Toruune. She does this in order to seduce men and women through sexual activity. Succubus are known to feed on their victims and may result in the victims deterioration of health which may lead to death. They are also known for a high reproduction rate and are able to give birth to all manners of creatures. In recent years they have come to make Toruune their home, many of which tend to work at brothels or as Barmaids.
Abilities: There is a saying that a succubus or the Incubus are what they eat. Aside from their abilities of absorbing life-force and absorbing sexual energy or chi,  they are able to control and lure people by touch. They are known to have superhuman strength. The ability of healing by feeding, with a high rate of stamina, agility, and long
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Lifespan: Immortal
Location: Overworld/Underworld/Toruune

Information Currently Gathered: The Phoenix is an eternal creature of flame. It lives a cycles of being death and reincarnation. It obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its previous predecessor. The Creature is rare however and there are no records of it being frequently sighted.
Abilities: Sacred Flames
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Lifespan: Immortal
Location: Overworld/Underworld

Information Currently Gathered: The Pegasus is a rare and beautiful creature. Known to be a winged divine stallion the creatures is usually depicted as a pure white in color. It is one of the most loyal creatures that dwell in the Overworld and Underworld, for it is a stallion prized by the gods and goddesses. There are no knows records of the creature dwelling with in Toruune, and unlike the pure feathered creature of the Overworld, the creature that dwells in the underworld is but a skeletal resemblance.
Abilities: Flight
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Lifespan: Mortal- 350 ~780 years
Location: Toruune/Underworld

Information Currently Gathered: Ogres are large hideous manlike monsters. They are the most common of human eating creatures with in both Toruune and the Underworld. They originate from the Underworld, and are known for being the less mindful of creatures. In appearance, they are Inhumanly large and tall, they usually have a disproportionately large head and many are knows to be balding, yet some do in fact have hair. They’re skin is usually oddly colored, and they are known to have an voracious appetite for which is only satisfied with their humane cannibalism taste.
Abilities: Inhumanly strength.
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Lifespan: Immortal
Location: Underworld/Toruune

Information Currently Gathered: The Incubus is much like his female counterpart the Succubus. He usually takes the form of an attractive human man and is able to also to seduce men and women through sexual activity.
Abilities: There is a saying that a succubus or the Incubus are what they eat. Aside from their abilities of absorbing life-force and absorbing sexual energy or chi, they are able to control and lure people by touch. They are known to have superhuman strength. The ability of healing by feeding, with a high rate of stamina, agility, and longevity.
Facts: Unlike the Succubus who can not seduce a homosexual male, he can still seduce all types of women, however, only if the woman is willing, it’s know to have a negative effect on the woman if it is forced and usually leads to her taking her life, and harming the Incubus it’s self.
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Lifespan: Mortal- 80 ~ 150 years
Location: Toruune

Information Currently Gathered: Human’s make up most of Toruune’s populations as they were Morgiana’s most favorite of creatures. Along with the Fairies they are the largest Civilization in the world. Many are born without any magical abilities, but they constantly evolve and show surprising potential. However they are a constant food source for many of the creatures that reside within Toruune, especially the demons. Because of this, many who have the skill have dabbled into the magical arts and trained their bodies. In recent years they have become a harder prey for those who hunt them.
Abilities: Their abilities are wide spread for those who can use magic. While other humans have called upon spirits to aid them, or the use of Dwarves and their weapons.
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Workshop: Inciting Incident
Now that we have the dreaded First Chapter behind us, it's time to move on to the point of no return.  After writing your Inciting Incident chapter, your protagonist will have no choice but to continue down their path; no matter what challenges pop out at them. 
Your Task
It's time to write your Inciting Incident chapter.  We can't stress the importance of this chapter enough, because your Inciting Incident needs to propel your protagonist to action.  This chapter will set the basis for your main plot, so you need to structure it properly.  You can find what details to include and tips on how to put it all together in this article.
Examples to Follow
As always, the wonderful JosephBlakeParker has gone ahead and completed this workshop for you. Of course, if you have any questions, we're always here to answer them
:iconwhiskeydreamer:WhiskeyDreamer 4 9
8 Tips for Creating a Villain
8 Tips for Creating a Villain
Anybody Can Write a Novel 2.0
Chapter 5 “Characters” – Section 3.1 “Villains”

"The lights burn blue. It is now dead midnight.
Cold fearful drops stand on my trembling flesh.
What do I fear? Myself? There’s none else by.
Richard loves Richard; that is, I am I.
Is there a murderer here? No. Yes, I am.
Then fly! What, from myself? Great reason. Why:
Lest I revenge. Myself upon myself?
Alack, I love myself. Wherefore? For any good
That I myself have done unto myself?
O no, alas, I rather hate myself
For hateful deeds committed by myself.
I am a villain."
-Shakespeare "Richard III"
Perhaps the mo
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 160 34
6 Tips for Creating an Antivillain
6 Tips for Creating an Anti-villain
Anybody Can Write a Novel 2.0
Chapter 5 “Characters” – Section 3.2 “Anti-villains”

Adrian Veidt:
“I know I've struggled across the backs of murdered innocents to save humanity … but someone had to take the weight of that awful necessary crime [...]”
Jon Osterman:
“[..] I understand, without condoning … or condemning.”
“Watchmen” by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
The final character type in the circle of heroes, anti-heroes, and villains is the anti-villain. This is the antagonist who seeks to thwart the hero for ethical, selfless, or idealistic reasons; and in the process he/she ends up bringing overall pa
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 86 10
ACWAN Premise and Character List
Plot Premise: The story is about a protagonist named Brav who was a child soldier in training with two competing allied factions until one day enemy combatants appear in what should have been a safe training area. In reaction Brav's wanted to fight the enemy, but his efforts were impeded by his anger getting the better of him. Brav feels like the he has to survive the situation no matter what.
List of Characters (That matter)
Brav- Primary Protagonist- In the distant future lives a boy name Victor Bravery who is a child soldier in training and Provius Prospect and lives on a military installation. One day Brav receives orders to go to scout training where he comes face to face with the Red Crusaders. In reaction, Brav wants to kill them, however Brav's efforts are impeded by the instructor, unknown cyborg forces, and the enemy assassin the enemy is trying to get through the forest. Which he feels he needs to overcome.
1: Brav has been training for combat his entire life. All his time h
:iconsuperiorstory:SuperiorStory 1 0
Characters: Round Up
There was a lot involved in this month's workshop and it may have taken its toll on our participants.  But there is good news, it means there aren't as many submissions to review and comment on.  As always, if you're participating (and even if you're not and just a nice person), make sure you're leaving feedback for the other participants.
Submissions Submissions

In an effort to get all of us communicating with each other, answer the couple of questions below and respond to other comments.
:bulletgreen: Do you prefer to write in first, second or third person POV?
:bulletgreen: How often do you write something outside you comfort zone (ie: genre, POV, prose v. poetry)
:bulletgreen: Link us to one of your favorite writing tutorials or guides on DA.
:iconwhiskeydreamer:WhiskeyDreamer 2 21
Workshop: Characters
Participation was down a little on our last workshop and for that, we apologize.  April was jam packed with prep work and maybe we gave you guys just a little bit too much.  This month, we've only got one workshop, but it's a doozy.  You'll be rounding out your character list, deciding who is who, adding to your plot a bit with character development and setting up your narrator.  With all that work to do, let's skip the chit chat and get right to it.
We're merging a few ACWAN Exercises into this workshop, so this is going to take a few minutes to go through everything. 
Task #1
Go through your character list and mark down what story role each character fills, as per 9 Character Types to Use in Your Novel.  If you feel you need to create more characters, make sure to create a Plot Premise (from our last workshop) for those new characters.
Task #2
Using 10
:iconwhiskeydreamer:WhiskeyDreamer 10 19
ACWAN ex. 5: Characters and Stuff
Task 1: Plot Premises
Xilian Galette - Manino - emotionally instable soon-to-be soldier
Alue'Che - Gkijh - vicious, self proclaimed leader of the High Order
Chek'Trah - Gkijh - son of a clan leader, warrior for Ulunmar
Hector Kenigen - Zeran - former nobleman, scholar and coercive translator for Ulunmar
Aalib Muagru - Gasa'ul - highest officer of Fort Guerelm
Supporting Characters
Laonez Galette - Manino - wealthy merchant, Xilian's father
Eykh'Trah - Gkijh - obstinate clan leader, Chek'Trah's father
Dhelgan Ayul - Gasa'ul - vice governor and highest officer of Fort Muerghil
Awka'Trah - Gkijh - Chek'Trah's envious brother
Ratibon Vualeo - Zeran - Xilian's pen pal and friend of his father
Persoko - Gasa'ul - soldier who insults Xilian
Noham Pergu - Gasa'ul - respectable member
:iconthepanguinator:ThePanguinator 2 11
WaN: Character List
What's going on my super sandwiches? Wait, wrong catchphrase... I shouldn't be screwing up on a Good Evening...
Protagonists- the twins Lilly and Rosie Brownwood
Secondary Protagonists- Oliver Brownwood
Primary Antagonist- Ms. Gold
Secondary Antagonist- The Ghost
Protagonist Notes
Lilly Brownwood
Likes- Reading, the unknown, Halloween
Hates- exercise
Appearance- long blonde hair in a ponytail, bright cyan eyes and petite.
Weakness- a little too innocent
Goal- solve the mystery of Ms. Gold
Part of me- Love for reading.
Differences from myself- she is nice
Rosie Brownwood
Likes- being with her sister
Hates- loud noises, the dark, Halloween, and anything red cause it reminds her of blood.
Appearance- short blonde hair and green eyes
Weakness- Her fear of nearly everything holds her back.
Goal- conquer her fears
Part of me- appreciation of family and worries too much
Differences from myself- being nice and a scaredy-cat. 
:iconduperghoul:Duperghoul 4 9
Greenbat Workshop Prepwork: Timeline
Okay, so, this story is going to be in an alternate Earth. The technology will be less advanced; there won't be any digital photography so  TV will be a rare sight and the internet will be exclusively government and military technology, yay.
The calendar will be made up of 13 month years each 28 days long exactly, so important periods will not be recorded as the month of the year but the year and week. Such as: year 1111 on week #23. The weeks are still 7 days long, 4 weekdays + 3 days weekend, just for funsies.
???+2: Local tribal nations exist under smalll warlord rule
???+3: Some buff guy beats other warlords and unites the valley with charismatic leadership and big sticks.
???+29: Buff guy is killed by his trusted general for his throne, trusted guy lets his son Nedric become king over the tribes and establishes stable tribal monarchy with other tribal families forming a counsel of elders. The Or family rules over the people with progressively improving competence and
:iconsweven7:Sweven7 2 11
Workshop: Outlining and Premise for ABBCA

Atticus and Blake's Buddy-cop Adventure

(An Entry for the Workshop: “Outlining and Premise”)
Please note that this story is a work of comedy, and is supposed to be almost like a cartoon. For that reason you will see a lot of cop-movie cliches. I want them there as I plan to use each of them in a rather satirical way for a reason that fits the plot. In fact, I would be happy to hear any more ideas for additional cop-movie cliches I can add to it.
Your First Task
As mentioned above, plot premises are very important, not just so you can relate the story concept to your reader, but also, so you know what each path each character is going to take in their journey.  You'll start off by making a list of your characters (protagonist, antagonist and supporting characters) and then create a pl
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 16 34
7 Tips for Creating an Antihero
7 Tips for Creating an Antihero
Chapter 5 “Characters” – Section 2.2 “Antiheroes
Anybody Can Write a Novel 2.0

"I'm drawn to the classic antihero, the guy who's probably made a bunch of mistakes and really has the capacity to go either way. That's the most interesting type of character for me to watch, to see what decisions they'll make. There's a lot of gray area there for a writer to explore."
-Kurt Sutter
One of the most trending and most debated archetypes in modern storytelling is the antihero. As with most fictional conventions, people have different opinions about what constitutes an antihero—ranging from a hero who is dark and brooding, to a villain who is the main character of the story. But
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 208 37
Mature content
WaN: Premise and Outline :iconduperghoul:Duperghoul 2 3
ACWAN ex. 3: Plot Premise and Outline
I fundamentally reworked the whole story. To the ones who read the old version: Please say if you prefer this version over the other.

Plot Premises
The story is about a protagonist named “Xilian” who was a “home living son of a rich merchant family whose mother was murdered” and lived in “Ta Pikko, a large but infirm colonial town in the Wild Lands” (Prologue). Until, one day “a chance to satisfy his desire to revenge his mother's death opens up: an officer approaches him and offers him to join his force to attack the people that murdered her”. (Inciting Incident). In reaction, “Xilian” decided to “take the opportunity and join the general” (Call to Action). However, “Xilian”'s efforts were impeded by “the curiosity after a revelation about the truth behind her death” (Antagonistic Force), whic
:iconthepanguinator:ThePanguinator 2 10
GreenBat Workshop part 3
POV Characters
Ezalea Ceres
Ezalea is a 19 year old apprentice agriculturist who lives in the city state of Journeys End. One day an old classmate named Cassius gets her and a group of friends trapped in the valley of wastelands. She finds herself alone when the rest of the group are taken alive by a monster known as the Gigarachnid. As she tries to get back to the city her life is saved by the Trap Master, a figure straight from the legends of her home town. She decides to join the Trap Master as he sets out to rescue the rest of her group from the Gigarachnid. However, the valley of wastelands is one of the most hostile environments in all of Laurasia and Ezalea is completely unprepared to survive in it.
Ashren is a battle-mage of the ATLAS organisation, which is dedicated to protecting mankind from severe magical threats. One day he is ordered by the Arch-mage to head to the city state of Journeys End to prevent the so
:iconlegendsfromlaurasia:LegendsFromLaurasia 2 2
Onion Tou Emotes
Hi, guys! patrengkee here bringing you the list of all the deviantART Onion Tou plz icons/accounts we've found so far.
Enjoy using Onion Tou as your emotes here on dA!^^
[onionlovers-1plz, onionlovers-2plz]
Symbol legends
+ = Clubs and club-made icons (2)
^ = Personal deviantART accounts
&  = omgwtfbbqplz (40)
$ = patrengkee (2)
% = PreppyEmoGoth (2)
* = Xinaliia (4)
# = klorerokailo (1)
@ = AustralAnima (24)
! = onigiri-momo (4)
~ = Wreeth (3)
??? = Unknown (14)
1 :iconadorableplz: adorableplz = @
2 :iconawkwardplz: awkwardplz = &
3 :iconawwwplz: awwwplz = ???
4 :iconbaibaiplz: baibaiplz = @
5 :iconblushplz: BlushPlz = ???
6 :iconboredomplz: boredomplz = &
7 :iconcomebackplz: comebackplz = &
8 :iconcomeatmeplz: :devcomeatmeplz
:icononionlovers:onionlovers 972 382
Outline and Premise: Round Up
As promised, we're bringing you a feature of all the entries we've received so far from the Outlining & Premise workshop.  This was the second workshop this month, so those that completed it :highfive: well done!  We know we pushed a little this month, but it was necessary so we could keep moving along to getting some actual writing done.  We've got a schedule to keep here people. :la:

There were also two entries:

A Friendly Reminder
We're all looking for feedback on our projects, otherwise we wouldn't be here.  Just remember that the best way to get feedback is to give it first.  We're doing these round ups so everything is in one easy place for you.  We understand that you can't comment on every single submission, but take a few mome
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United States
Hey there. So you might know me as ReishaTerrin because this is my main (goof around) account. I post things there such as Fanfictions, MMD projects, Blender Projects, and just chat. This is my second Account made specially for updates of my Novel, which is name less at the moment, but I'll be posting related work to it here.

Why? Well, my other account (or any accounts) under the name of ReishaTerrin are basically my goof around accounts where I post random stuff or fun related stuff so share. I wanted to keep the two separate and it was getting kinda jumbled and so I moved my Novel related stuff here.

If this account oddly interests you, and you would like to check out my other stuff i will post some links below.

Fictionpress this is the place where the stories will also be uploaded should anything happen to either one of my accounts.



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Workshop: Outlining and Premise for my Novel which is Nameless at the moment!

Your First Task
Plot premises are very important, not just so you can relate the story concept to your reader, but also, so you know what each path each character is going to take in their journey. You'll start off by making a list of your characters (protagonist, antagonist and supporting characters) and then create a plot premise for each character. Once you've done that, it should be easy to create the plot premise for your novel. (I can only hope so right? XD)

Plot Premises


Sheridan: Is a sixteen year old slave who lives in a city called Tarsem. (Beginning) One day she is discovered stealing and is sold as part of an compensation contract between her master and a man of higher status from the capital city. (Inciting Incident) In reaction, Sheridan attempts escape deciding that she will have her freedom (First Turning Point). However, Sheridan’s efforts were impeded by being captured by a mysterious man, taken to meet her estranged aunt and forced into the chaotic mess that is an enemy named Evangeline (Antagonistic Force (s) ) ← Don’t know if it did that one right but… we’ll see?

Camielia Brenner: Is a sixteen year old Squire training to become a Divine Knight who lives in a boring humdrum cozy little village. (Beginning). One day a letter of summons arrives asking her father's service. (Inciting Incident). Camielia takes on her father's summons and finds herself hired, escorting Sheridan safely to the kingdom’s capital. (First Turning Point). However, as she tries complete her mission Camielia’s mission is impeded by the same forces Sheridan faces. (Antagonistic Force).

Finnick Rumm: Is an eighteen year old (cowboy at heart) Phantom Warlock and lived in a Warlock's keep training most of his life. (Prologue). Until, one day he discovers the truth about the Keeps darkest secret, the name of an enemy who is the rising center of everyone's problem and the betrayal of his father. (Inciting Incident). In reaction, Finnick decides to leave Warlocks Keep vowing to destroy this enemy. (First Turning Point). However, Finnick's efforts are impeded lack of information and his crossings with Sheridan and Camielia. (Antagonistic Force)

Lillianne Clearwater: Is an eighteen year old healer who long ago made a decision to become a doctor/healer like her late mother. She lives in the City of Scholars, Nelius. (Prologue). One Finnick Rumm, Camielia Brenner and girl named Sheridan arrive with a proposition of saving the life of Sheridan’s mistress. (Inciting Incident). In reaction and eager to test her skills a knowledge Lillianne decides to travel back with the group.(First Turning Point). However, Lillianne's learns that world isn’t contained in the ideals she was raised to believe and there is more than just Black and White. (Antagonistic Force). (Lillianne is a little different, her story and part of the journey doesn't fully set off until Finn, Camie and Sheri travel to meet her.)


Evangeline Crowe: is an Antagonistic woman who has been plotting for years to resurrect some a dark evil but hasn’t had the means or resources to carry out her plans for 16 years. She has long since lived somewhere in secret. (Beginning). She discovers part of an ‘ingredient’ needed for the ritual she needs to perform comes in the form of the Protagonist. (Inciting Incident: I think?). Evangeline decides to manipulate several events that involve the meeting of Sheridan and a woman named Liza (First Turning Point). However, Evangeline's plans efforts were impeded by Sheridan’s snooping around into who she is too soon. (Antagonistic Force).

Supporting Characters

I have a lot of supporting characters and even a few other antagonist characters and other characters as well that make this story more… worldly. But the truth here is I didn’t know how to fill out their permise, because I’m still character building and learning about each of them and trying to figure out how they fit into my outline and world and the adventure. I have a long list of names, race wise, and when I plan on having them make an appearance but… not enough to figure out their Inciting incident or First turning points yet. and what drives them if they’re not just the additional filler characters…. Soooo… yea….

Your Second Task
We're going to start easy. We want you to create a Twelve Point Outline, details can be found here, for your novel.  Overly detailed isn't necessary right now.  We'll get into that later.  Instead, we're looking for the basic points of the story that create your arc.

Plot Outline

Act I – Beginning- (Setting up the Story)

{The Beginning}

—Sheridan, the Point-of-view character is introduced. She’s a 16 year old slave girl illegally hunting in the forest. She kills a buck.

—She returns to the guarded city of Tarsem and hears whispers of her Master, Master Rodian, returning. As she sells her meat to the butcher boy he confirms the rumors are true.

{Inciting Incident}

—Sheridan’s is discovered stealing and hoarding gold. Her goals and dreams of buying her way to freedom are destroyed and she is sold as part of an compensation contract to the family she stole from.

—The next morning Sheridan trains with Mayvin (One of many mentors she will have) one last time before she meets a young squire named Camielia Brenner who is to be her escort.

{First Turning Point}

—During their journey they’re attacked by thieves. Sheridan uses the chaos to attempt her first escape and is recapture afterwards.

—Later (again) the group is attacked by a Corrupted Spirit. They’re rescued by Finnick (Finn) Rumm and held hostage.

—Finn takes them to  a City called Caswyn. Sheridan meets a woman, her aunt, named Liza there.

Act II – Middle - (Confronting the Antagonist Forces)

{The Rising Action}

—Sheridan Arrives in the Capital City.

—Sheridan is introduced to the new family she’ll be serving. She’s left in the care of Liza.

—Everything is bigger with more people, sounds and smells. MAGIC is part of people's daily lives and it's everywhere which relieves Sheridan. Sheridan decides she’ll learn more magic here, and gather what she needs before attempting her next escape.

{The First Pinch Point}

—Liza is stabbed by a mysterious figure. Sheridan, over confident, faces the attacker and gets severely injured in the process and the attacker escapes.

— Liza falls ill, the blade was poisoned. Sheridan offers to go find a skilled healer with Finn. Camielia goes with them.

—They Travel to the The Nelius Province and meet Lillianne, a young healer and long time friend of Finn's. She’s hesitant to leave her studies and is encouraged to go by her mentor.

—Sheridan returns home. The city has been attack and her home ransacked, It’s chaos; Owen is severely injured. Vivien is missing. Liza lies at death's door.

—Camielia tells Sheridan they have to leave the city, she and Liza aren’t safe in the capital.

—In the Astaevian city, Sheridan meets a Seraphim name Dacey and learns that someone, probably Evangeline, is opening rifts and releasing corrupted demons into to the world. Sheridan also learns that Evangeline is a demonic (literally a demon) woman who resents the treaty between the ancient races, humans and demons.

{The Midpoint}

The city is attacked by demons. Evangeline appears in the center of the hoard. As she drains away the life from Dacey. Mages lose control as start attacking the non-magic citizens.

—Sheridan goes after Evangeline, demanding to know where Vivien is. They have their first fight. Sheridan loses. She later come to a realization that no one else saw Evangeline and instead it appears as if Sheridan led the attack.

{The Disaster}

Sheridan is horrified and confused what happened. She swears she fought Evangeline, how else would she have her injuries. Camielia can’t find it in herself to console or believe Sheridan and grows suspicious of her.

—Sheridan and Camielia get into a physical fight.

{The Second Pinch Point}

—Violent attacks start happening in various cities. People with magic are losing control, and Seraphim are going corrupt or dying, disrupting the flow of mana and magic in the world. Talk about corruption is spreading, and rumors of demon sightings are whispered. Sheridan know’s it’s Evangeline.

—Sheridan go to sleep one night, she dreams of Lyrivian city, the delicious foods, the Seraphim gardens, the ruined manor and an mysterious encampment.

{Second Turning Point}

—Sheridan has more visions of the mysterious encampment and realizes she must be seeing through the eyes of Ban. She realizes if he’s there Vivien is being held captive as well. Sheridan plans to rescue her.

Act III – End – (Resolving the Conflict)

{The Stand Up}

Sheridan tells Camielia and Finn of her visions. They believe it’s a trap and Sheridan won’t listen. She manages drug and abandon both Finn and Camielia.

{The Climax}

—Sheridan arrives at the location where Evangeline is there waiting for her with a monster.

—Evangeline and Sheridan fight. Evangeline wins and stabs her in the stomach, a mortal wound.

—Camielia finds her bleeding out and her rushes to Lillianne.

{The Epilogue}

Sheridan wakes three days later in a small room learns that Vivien is still missing and it's her fault. She wants to save her and she needs to find Mayvin to do so and Finn mentions a man named Kronos.

Camielia and Lillianne join them at the gates and they begin the next part of their journey here.

Workshop: Outlining and Premise
So... this is like really late for this entry... and I'm still not sure i even did it correctly and I know it'll be confusing and there will be quite a few plot holes and all that. I tried to make it concise and short, and believe it or not I have an even more detailed version of this, but it was... well to detailed for this entry.  So I dunno... but... here it is...
6 deviations
3 deviations

Alright, haha, so I also did this in the original post for JosephBlakeParker and of course I did it as ReishaTerrin and you can find it here. Not much has changed… well, no, that's not true things are always changing because this is part of my world building stage. I didn’t post the timeline before because of the format and there’s a bit much and it can get confusing. It’s still confusing, but a little more organized. This is a work-in-progress…

So to begin, the timeline in my story centers around a fictitious world—I’d like to have as High-fantasy, but I’m not opposed to the idea of having some science fiction elements to it if i can make it work— So really my time-line begins with a dying world. In this dying world, Humanity is nearly gone, the world/planet has suffered greatly of eons of abuse and war and disasters mainly at the hand of humans (because humans are disgusting creatures: Personal opinion, sorry.) The original world is dying and the goddess/deity of that, Palia abandoned it to its own destruction. Palia’s daughter Morgiana (I might change the name later) give the world new life with in a realms of her own creation and adopts it as her child, saving what remaining life she could. The difference of this new world is that more species and creatures exist and the darkness that ultimately was part of the previous world is still there.

Rebirth of Toruune

???: Morgiana creates the race of Seraphim in pairs; one male one female

???: The Seraphim are brought before the Great tree, tasked with helping the Goddess create the world in her vision. Among them are Certheus, Nakgi, Kuskyn, Jahnee, Satriya, Cordelia and Armin.

???: The Seraphim begin shaping the world. Morgiana uses her power to provides the world with light and warmth.


???: Morgiana and the seraphim bring the seasons: growing of the first forests,bringing icy tundras and the deserts to the world. Morgiana creates non-humanoid creatures to dwell among them.

???: Morgiana brings time into the world.

First Age

Year 1: The Seraphim Certheus and Nakgi create the Giant race.

600-732: Giant Civilization and culture is established. Giants live in what will be one day be Lyrivia Nam.

  • Giants spread into most of the Torunne's habitable places. They live as a nomadic race. Going as far as Lyrivia Nam, Astelia, Astaevia, and Rugniker.

  • The Giants build their first cites.

  • Certheus and Nakgi drift from one Giant Civilization to another. They study how the races are evolving differently from one another. They tell stories of their goddess, and her vision of the world.

  • The goddess asks Nakgi to mold her a body from some clay and bounds herself into it as a physical being. This way she can exist among the Giant race.

733: Four Major Clans are established In the north, west and east with Certheus at the center.

736: Drakanir is born of the north

767: Certheus and Nakgi marry

768-899: Territorial battles between the nations happen on and off over the years.

  • Hunters and gatherers are farming, raising animals in the south. They establish the first trade systems between the clans.

  • Warriors in the East have learned the superior ability to plan and communicate. They are becoming exceptional hunters.

  • The North Clan creates a system of writing and postal communications. Giant Language is established.

  • Battle between the Centre and Northeastern clans breaks in the fall seasons. It began with a dispute of hunting grounds because of the dwindled amount of food in the winter.

  • Giant cities expand

900: Certheus slays Drakanir claims the loyalties of the Northern clans people.

920: Ancient darkness seeps through the earth surface..

928: The Seraphim Satriya is corrupted. Satriya spread a corruption in the world

935: A virus like influenza epidemic breaks within the clans. A majority of lives are lost among the clans and their villages.

937: Great numbers of Giants go missing.

942: Hideous giants with a Third eye are sighted. Cyclops life is Established

992: The very first metals are produced and used by the Giants.

1007: The Cyclops take home to the mountains. Certheus instructs that his people make no contact with the creatures.

1010: Certheus orders the construction of a wall around his city to begin.

1030: The wall around the city is completed

1032: The Cyclops build their homes lower down the mountains. This causes worry for the giants. Certheus sends word to the other clans.

1047: Certheus and Nakgi asks for permission from the goddess to raise a family of their own. Morgiana grants them the ability to live a mortal life.

1050: Uorut is born.

1053: Karkadann and Yurgen are born from the Eastern Clan  

1056: Rhykor is born of the Centre Clan. He is the son of Certheus and Nakgi.

1068: Uorut seems to be growing with superior intellect and communications skills, at the same time Cyclops life is expanding past the mountains. They have learned to become excellent trackers, and trappers.

1095: Conflict with the Cyclops Breaks. During the long winters, hundreds men and women are slain and cannibalized by Uorut. He passes this survival skill among his kind.

1119: Battle breaks between the Centre and Eastern clan. It begins with a dispute of survival, trade, and again hunting.

1124: The Eastern clan withdraws hostilities with the Centre Clan when Uorut's hunting methods spread as far as the East. Uorut begins to hunt and Cannibalize Children and infants.

  • A Meeting of the Clans take place. During this meeting They discuss plans to deal with Uorut. Many of the Clans want the Cyclopes wiped out. Karkadann wants to Colonize them on the whims they will make perfect warriors one day. His request is denied.

1128: Uorut’s son Xuxto is born and Uorut's methods have gone from hunting to kidnapping children and cannibalizing those weaker among his clan.

  • Certheus discovers half eaten bodies of Infants and children.

1129: Certheus sends a troop of warriors to eliminate Uorut. They are led by Karkadann. Among them are  Rhykor and Yurgen

  • Karkadann meets with Uorut and allows him to escape

  • Months later Uorut is found by Rhykor and ensue in battle. Rhykor blinds Uorut and gouges out his third eye before slaying him.

1130: This Marks the end of Uorut's Reign.

  • During the new spring, a new found peace Treaty is established between the clans.

  • Rhykor weds a woman named Prinn from the Northwest Clan.

1131: Rhykor's Daughter, Calista is born.

1140: Karkadann meets with Xuxto. He who convinces Karkadann to fights against Certheus he’ll have great power and complete control of the Cyclops.

1142: Cyclops and Giant Civil war Breaks

1145: Certheus sends a small scouting group infiltrates Cyclops Caves in the Northwest. Rhykor leads a charge against the southern group. Karkadann betrays Certheus and the scouts are slaughtered and eaten by the Cyclops

1147: Karkadann sends warriors to infiltrate between the clans to increase suspicions and cause doubt in the people and their leaders.

1150: Rhykor discovers Karkadann's betrayal and marches in on Karkadann's village and begins his attack. With him he takes several men in including Yurgen.

  • 7 months later: Rhykor is severely injured, separated from Yurgen and his men he is outnumbered by Karkadann's Cyclops. He takes shelter in the mountains. Weeks later he is finally found by Karkadann.

1151:  Rhykor is slain by Karkadann in battle. His body thrown to the bottom of the mountains.

  • Traitors join with Karkadann and attempt to overthrow Certheus

  • Certheus is betrayed by his people and killed. Morgiana and Nakgi are devastated.

  • Nakgi is taken prisoner by Karkadann upon aiding the escape of Morgiana.

  • Nakgi and Prinn are forcibly wed Karkadann

1152: Karkadann's reign begins. The Seraphim Satriya is growing dark powers. Morgiana is concerned.

1153: Karkadann builds his kingdom on fear. Behind the force of an cyclops army.

1158: Karkadann advances in power against enemy clan still loyal to Rhykor and under Certheus rule.

1162: The Giants are pushed near the brink of annihilation.

1164: The Goddess Morgiana revives Rhykor and uses her power to encase and preserve his body in ice.

1164: The Goddess take the missing eye from the cyclops Urout and creates the sub-Race of Dwarves

1165: Dwarven life is established, they are granted with the knowledge of creation.

  • Karkadann's and Nakgi Son Klato is born

1166: A dwarf name Munak is appointed elder of his people.

1170: By this time, the dwarves have made their home within the earth and are mining and smelting copper.

1173: Rhykor’s Return.

1175: Giant Rebels, the last remaining giants who were loyal to the late Certheus, rise against Karkadann. Among them are Yurgen and Rhykors daughter Calista

1180: Klato is named leader of one of his father’s troops.

1185: Rhykor is awakened from his icy slumber.  He meets with the Dwarven leader Munak and learns how far his people have fallen at the hands of Karkadann.

1185: Munak and his dwarves craft a great weapon . He uses the minerals from the residue left behind from the magic which preserved Rhykors body.

1187: Klato and Calista do battle for the first time. Calista proves to be an skilled warrior like her father.

1190: Rhykor reunites with his daughter. Together they begin reclaiming Giant Territory and eliminating the Cyclops.

1120: War erupt once more between the Giants and Cyclops.

1124: Satriya usings the power of darkness he’s obtained and mutates Karkadann into a monstrous creature

1125: Rhykor and Karkadann do battle one last time.

  • Karkadann is trapped in the land which will one day become

1126: Mark the end of the first age and the fall of Karkadann; The Remaining Clans of Cyclops are wiped out.

Second Age

1150: Kuskyn and Jahnee create a race of elves. Implementing them with the knowledge of the events that transpired of the first Age. Granting them a more superior intellect.

1151: Elves are awakened. Greeted with Kuskyn and Jahnee who are given elven bodies.

  • Rhykor and his Giants travel as far north as they can, risking the harsher climate of the cold.

2230: Elves expand in the far east and north. Elven Civilization and culture is quickly established. They are already years ahead of the giant in intellect.  

2280: Kuskyn and Jahnee create Fairies. They are creatures with a strong semblance with nature. especially plant life. The Seraphim bond extremely well with these creatures.

Third Age

3201: 1 Morgiana meets with Cordelia and Armin two humans who ruled over the realm of humans that Morgiana long ago created. They seek permission to reach past the Schism that she created which isolated humans from the world of Toruune. Allowing them back into the world. Cordelia and Armin instill their  knowledge and power of Alchemy into the world of Toruune. Morgiana uses her powers to make their presence widely known. They are implemented with Knowledge of the previous ages.

  • A new human race is established.

3202: Humans have crossed a body of water and travel to elven lands in Southeast, southwest and what will one day the dark Continent

3210: Humans make their home in Lyrivia nam and expand from there. Multiple races start expanding in various places.

3215: Humans develop advanced writing systems.

3218: Humans begin worshiping the Seraphim in various places. They are thought to be responsible for every miracle in the world.  There are human and animal sacrifices in their honor.

3227: Humans have expanded their writing, marks on clay tablets that represent syllables of their spoken language: phonological writing. Various languages are discovered.

3240: Human begin expanding on Elven and Giant territories. They start conquering current populations of their own kind who’ve been around many centuries before them

3283: Conquers in the name of Rhykor start to take back their lands from the humans.

Elven land is being overrun by human and Outsider clans. This sparks dispute between humans and Elves.

3301: Rhykor dies. His grandson succeeds him.

3378: What is known as Karkadann Desert begins from where Karkadann is sealed away. Anyone that remained in the area are forced to flee.

3380: Humans establish a money system with coin.

3412: Elven land is taken control by Giants who have come from the south. They take control of their cities and begin building structures of their gods.

3429: Dorren is born

3459: Dorren become Lyrivia Nam’s first king in his early thirties. He Builds cities, temples, monuments. And establish trade systems among various cities

3469: Dorren’s son Kristian is born

3485: Dorren dies in his fifties. His son Kristian succeeded the throne when he’s sixteen.

3500: Julius is born.

3521: Julius finds the human population in Lyrivia Nam are overpopulating and establishes slave systems.  

3540: Dwarves travels to the main cities of Lyrivia nam. They bring with them their iron workings and weaponry.

3600: Satriya becomes the monster named Balor.

3605: Balor summons a race monsters.

3615: Beastial Seraphim are sighted. In elven lands. Seraphim are believed to have become one with non-humanoid creatures.

3625: Balors corruption begins to spread, bringing out the darkness in multiple people and races.

3700: War between Giants, elves and Humans begin.

3712: Conflict ensues between Morgiana and Balor. Balor feels betrayed with Morgiana’s refusal to allow his demons into her world. His corruption is spreading.

3720: Battle erupts Between Morgiana and Balor. It concludes with Morgiana’s physical body being destroyed and her magic creates an unstable reaction.

3730: A rift of the underworld is formed.

3737: Demons arrive

3743: Peace between races happen and war with the demons begin.

3756: Elves and Seraphim discover pools of magically properties.It's believed that all magic originates from here.

3765: Seraphim begin absorbing remnant of The goddesses magic and learn to channel it.

3800: Magic is founded and given a form through the Seraphim.

3816: Satriya creates dark magic.

  • Seraphim try to teach elves, whom that have a stronger symbiotic relationship with, magic.

3853: Year of war with demons ensues.

  • The Dwarves join the war. Providing weaponry, and discovering materials for better weapons. They teach their weapon method to Elves and vice versa.

  • The Elf Emiya is born.

3872: The human Bellamy is born.

3895: Bellamy, is made a army general and is appointed as head of Emiya's armed forces

3898: One of Balor generals is captured by Bellamy. Other demons are captured as well.

3903: The deranged scientist Emiya takes and runs experiments on captured: Humans, Seraphim, and demons

3916: The Beastial Seraphim Troian is captured for Emiya’s experiments and tortured.

3924: The first of the Kalivian Demon race is created by Emiya.

3928: Bellamy betrays Emiya's. He sets the captured prisoners free. He forms a Contract with the Seraphim Troian. Bellamy is now able to use magic.

  • Bellamy and Torian Eliminate Emiya. The Seraphim join with Bellamy and Torian

3936:  Bellamy assimilates with Torian. Whitehart is born of the two.

3987: Beastial Seraphim start assimilating with humans. They are a “cursed” human-race. They Join the war. On the side of humans.

3992 The united races finally push back demon hordes. Mages and Summoners help secure victory. The Kalivian Race aide the humans in battle.Demon war begins it’s second wave

4003: Demons are defeated. and Balors physical bodies being destroyed and Balor is sealed away.  

Fourth Age

(After Demon War.)

ADW 1: Gregory Ivar Parros is born

ADW 43: Cornelius Parros is born.

ADW 70: A group of explores

ADW 259:  Kronos Istavan is born human.

ADW 272:  Kronos is granted “cursed” by a beastial Seraphim. He’s granted magic of Lightning.

ADW 287: Kronos fuses with the Seraphim losing his human form.

ADW 288: Jonathan Reynes- half demon is born.

ADW 309: Evangeline is born a pureblood-demon.The younger sister of Jonathan. They have different mothers.

ADW 338: Jonathan joins the lyrivien army.

ADW: 340 Alphonse Ianthe is born a pureblood-demon.

ADW 342: Jasmine is born a pureblood-demon. She’s the youngest sister of Jonathan and Evangeline. She and Evangeline have the same mother and father. Evangeline raises her.

ADW 348: Lyrivien troops travel to the dark continent and start taking citizens

  • Evangeline and a young Jasmine are captured.

ADW 357: Alphonse’s mother is murdered.

ADW 362: Alphonse joins the lyrivien army.

  • Evangeline Marries her first husband a baron.

ADW 369: Evangeline’s husband is murdered. She’s made a baroness.

ADW 370: Jasmine is made Slaves

ADW 382: Jasmine kills soldiers of the military and flees. She’s captured by Alphonse.

ADW 384: Evangeline's Son is born from a man named Owen.

ADW 385: Evangeline marries a young lord. She meets a woman named Alexandria.

ADW 391: Evangeline is learning magic.

ADW 393: Evangeline’s husband discovers a truth about Evangeline. He tries to have her killed.

  • Evangeline flees her husband with her son and Owen

ADW 400: Jonathan and his company do battle with the desert monster Karkadann and the Corvus.

ADW 403: Evangeline bitten by Balor’s serpent. The serpent's bite corrupts her. She slowly starts to lose her mind

ADW 405: Alphonse and Jasmine wed.

ADW 408: Evangeline breaks the forbidden seal that traps Balor

ADW 410: Evangeline creates an organization to serve Balor and find his vessel

ADW 563: Vivien Crowe is born

ADW 565: Finnick Rumm is born. Lillianne Clearwater is born. Creo Strauss is born

ADW 566 Jasmine is pregnant with protagonist

ADW Y567: Protagonist home village is attacked by her own aunt. Her mother is gravely injured and flees.

  • Protagonist is born.

  • Protagonist mother dies. Protagonist is found and made a slave by a Man named Rodian.

For the map part. Well… I’ve never done a map before. Haha. *insert overly dramatic music here* But, it’s true I have never done a map but I’ve always like the idea of doing one because I like a visual outline but…. I’ve never done one so I’m not really sure if i even did it right. I had help with it. (my beautiful friend Sam helped me) but as you can tell looking at it, it’s not done and it just an outline of continents So this was… is a fun first time for me(and Sam). SO I hope it correct.

MM-mapdraft-7.1 by SheridanLightrose


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